The Wharton Innovators in Business Network (WIIB Network) connects the brightest minds in different industries to provide insights and advice geared towards fellow undergraduates looking to venture into similar fields. In addition, we are also the foremost news source for cutting-edge trends in industries such as management, finance and technology and seek to inform students of the different ways to be a part of it. We strongly believe that one-on-one interactions and interviews are the best way to learn from others so we focus on creating top-notch interviews to provide an opportunity for the students to learn first-hand from our guests. The WIIB network is under the umbrella of the Wharton EMBA Relations Council as a G95 affiliated organization.


Christopher Rathbun

President/ Co-Founder

Christopher is a Senior studying in Wharton. At WIIB, he is responsible for outreach, logistics, and partnerships. In addition, he loves taking on new individual challenges, quoting Don Quixote, playing tennis, and rock climbing.

Jessica Ramses

Vice President

Jessica is a Sophomore studying at UPenn. At WIIB, she is responsible for organizing events and building our platform. She enjoys boxing, sculpting and painting.

Angelina Zhou

Videographer Associate

Angelina is a Freshman studying at Wharton. At WIIB, she is responsible for creating videos to share thought leaders' advice to young people. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga, listening to music, and trying new restaurants.

Grace Wu

Executive Relations Associate

Grace is a Sophomore studying Communications in the College. At WIIB, she is responsible for administrative and establishing relationships between the Executive Education program and Undergraduates. In her free time she loves to shop, dance, and try out new brunch places in the area!

Yujie Wu


Stephanie is a sophomore studying Math in the College. At WIIB, she is responsible for writing independent pieces regarding "What it takes" for leaders to get to where they are. She enjoys tap dancing, reading poetry, and writing.

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