How can Blockchain be used by the World Bank

Denis Robitaille

CIO of the World Bank. Mr. Robitaille explains the multiple use cases of blockchain from a humanitarian perspective. He also explains what problems in the world still needs to be addressed in our next generation and how we can do it.

Why did you start Raisedby.US

Danny Aranda

Managing Director of Ripple at Europe; Co-Founder of RaisedBy.Us, Former Wharton Undergraduate. Danny takes a unique perspective on how to spend time on engaging in your passions. For Danny, his desire to solve the difficulties in the remittance industry brought him to his work at Ripple, and his passion for philanthropy brought him to co-found RaisedBy.Us.

How did you fundraise HultPrize Ivy 

Tiffany Yau 

Innovators in Business interviews Tiffany Yau, a Wharton Undergraduate currently working to change Philadelphia through her nonprofit Fulphil. She talks about her journey into Social Entrepreneurship and shares advice for young students going through the same process. Innovators in Business is run by a group of Wharton/Penn students seeks to share the story of thought leaders and innovators to inspire and galvanize undergraduates to careers outside of traditional roles.